About AFTA

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4 thoughts on “About AFTA

  1. Great pictures. Would you recommend the double stack for my Pst 40mm ? Is it worth the price of $599 for I understand a little improvement in viewing?

    • Thanks Perry, and thanks for commenting. I forgot I had this page out there. I haven’t done any solar imaging for a while. But to answer your question:
      1) I personally do not believe the double stack is worth the price. Why? A) For the same money you can get a second PST. Maybe use them as side by sides, one for imaging one for observing at outreach programs, etc. B) Reducing the bypass does indeed increase the contrast, but prominence is sacrificed. The proms tend to fade away when adding the double stack. You can still see them, but not as clearly. C) Imaging becomes more difficult with the double stack. Although filaments will “pop” more due to better contrast; “ghosting”, newton rings, OTA artifacts, camera artifacts, and the dreaded sweet spot become enhanced with the double stack. These things can be minimized with practice and patience, but to me not worth the money for a slight improvement in contrast.

      I would honestly save the money you’d spend on a double stack, sell the PST, and buy a larger aperture HA scope. Maybe upgrade to the LS60, or if you have the funds the LS80 LS100 or one of the Coronado SolarMax’s.

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