09/06/2012 Western Limb

1,000 frames stacked and aligned in Autostakkert!2

CS5 Process:

-Unsharp Mask 10 times at 1.5 pxl with 10%

-High pass filter applied to duplicate layer, @ 15 pxl

-Noise/Median Filter applied to duplicate layer @15 pxl

-Smart Sharpen filter applied 15 times to lens blur @ 10% and 1.5 pxl

Colorized in levels @ R:2 G:.5 B:.1


B&W Inverted



Reprocessed an image from September 3, 2012 with a new technique.

Using Autostakkert 2 (instead of registax), free astro imaging, aligning and stacking software developed by a guy named Emil Kraaikamp. Really awesome software. One of the best free programs for astrophotography out there.

The Photoshop process included a Noise/median filter to darken the disc for more contrast, while keeping the proms bright. Layer was duplicated and run through a high pass filter to increase surface detail and sharpness, along with using the actual smart sharpen filter. A few tweaks on levels for both brightness and color, and these first results came out all right. A few minor alignment errors as well as bad cropping, but future results should be better.