08/31/2012 Filament Eruption

The filament that just recently rotated in view along the southeastern limb of the disc, erupted today at roughly 19:30 UTC or, 11:30 am PST. The most recent shot I have of this filament, prior eruption, is on the 29th just two days before eruption. Looking at that image, you’ll see that this particular filament stands out among the rest. Notice its’ bulk and protrusion from the disc, giving it a 3-D feel:


Here is a short clip of the actual eruption from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO), a geosynchronous satellite dedicated to solar observing.

After the eruption you’ll notice hot trails of extremely bright plasma are left behind. Here is a video of the left overs from my Coronado PST, followed by some processed stills:

Processed Images:

Inverted for effect and to emphasize trails:



New filament emerging around the southeastern limb.



Seven pane mosaic. Each image consisting of roughly 1,000 frames stacked and aligned in Registax6.

Colorized and inverted in CS5.


Dominate features are the filaments strung across the disc.

No significant threat of flares from sunspot groups AR1555, 1554, and 1553

This image is from a mosaic of 12 different panes, colorized in cs5:


08/25/2012 Scattered with Filaments

-Long filaments litter the disc today August 25, 2012.

-Large prominence hanging off the eastern limb.