November 3, 2013 HA Images

The full disc image is a mosaic consisting of 8 panels, using the DMk21 attached to my LS/80 HA scope at prime focus. The close up of the Active Regions were taken with the same camera (dmk21), but with the 2.5x powermate, effectively increasing my focal length to 1400mm.

New Location, Same Great Views

Moving from the dry southwest of the United States, to the humid and unstable atmosphere of the southeast, definitely warrants apprehension for an astrophotogapher like myself. Setting up the equipment for the first time, however, I was surprised at the clarity and seeing conditions between breaks of clouds. The Sun is still immensely intense and … Continue reading


May 18, 2013 1,000 frames @ 1/370 second for surface data 500 frames @ 1/30 second for prominence data Surface frames stacked and aligned in AS!2, Prominence frames in Registax5. Both tiff images post processed in CS5.